Is your BMW giving you some problems? Are you hearing a noise that you didn’t hear before? You can get the best BMW repair at All Foreign Auto Center. All Foreign Auto Center is located at San Jose CA and we have been in the auto repair business for 37 years. That is why we can call ourselves masters at BMW repairs and we have testimonials from previous customers to prove that.

If you have a BMW we can repair it!

BMW Repair - top-notch repairs in the city of San Jose CAAll Foreign Auto Center will use all the tools, skills and experience that we have in order to diagnose your BMW. When you pick your BMW up from All Foreign Auto Center, it will run just like you had taken it off the showroom floor. BMW automobiles are a complex piece of machinery and you do not want just any person trying to diagnose or fix those works of art. You wouldn’t take your Rolex watch to a Timex watch repair person; don’t take your BMW to a Ford mechanic. You need someone that knows the BMW specifics from top to bottom. That is what you will receive when you bring your BMW to All Foreign Auto Center.

All Foreign Auto Center will also do basic services for your BMW(or a Mercedes repair) to keep it in a tip-top shape. These services include oil changes, filter changes and transmission service. All Foreign Auto Center is an all year round BMW service company, so if you are in the vicinity of San Jose CA, just call All Foreign Auto Center at (408) 286-5404 and we can serve you anytime you need. We will get your BMW into our repair shop immediately after you have requested our services and we will have you back on the road extremely quickly.