Have you experienced a car accident lately? Don’t worry, All Foreign Auto Center is here for you.

Our company provides top quality collision repair services in San Jose, CA. We have been in this businesses since 1975, and our experience has taught us that nothing is impossible. And we consider this to be the quality which puts us one step ahead of our competitors. Some of them even say to their customers that they need to buy a whole new car. That isn’t the case with us! That is why, here at All Foreign Auto Center, we will give our best to repair your car. Do not hesitate to bring your baby at our collision repair center. It is fully equipped to perform any repair that you might need.

Girl needs a collision repairIt doesn’t matter to us if you need simple paintwork or more complex BMW repair. We can do it all. We often hear from our customers that they didn’t believe their car could be repaired, after the serious accident they were involved in. Many of our clients go even further than that. They are so surprised with the high quality of our work, that they recommend us to their friends. We consider this to be the biggest advertisement among the collision repair centers in San Jose, CA.

We understand that everyone needs their car as soon as possible. That is why our clients don’t need an appointment in order to use our auto repair services. We consider this to be a sure sign for the high level of professionalism we possess.

Our company is specialized in the Mercedes repair. We realize that, if you own a Mercedes, you love it. That is why we will take good care of your beloved car, and we will repair the damage after the accident you have experienced.

Don’t hesitate to visit our car center, if you have any question about our collision repair. We possess the experience and the skills necessary to provide you with top quality service in San Jose, CA.

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