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You use your car on a daily basis to go to work or to drive the kids to school. And whenever you have the time, you should always take care of your car. There may also be times where you need the help of a mechanic because it’s complicated for you to handle the maintenance and repairs on your own. There are many companies out there who can give you the same car repair services, but if you want to experience a seamless and hassle-free service, you can rely on All Foreign Auto Center to give you just that. We guarantee our clients in San Jose, CA that we can do the repairs efficiently and quickly without sacrificing quality.

Quality Car Repair Services in San Jose CA

Different Kinds of Transmission Issues

There are all sorts of ways that a car transmission can get broken and one of them is when the gears are bent, chipped, or worn out. You can usually notice this whenever you shift gears and it will just slide off and go back to neutral. It’s best that you have this inspected and repaired by a professional mechanic right away so that it won’t be hard to work on.

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Another common issue with transmissions is that they tend to lose transmission fluid. This fluid is responsible for keeping the transmission cool and not overheat. The gears are grinding all the time when you’re driving, so it needs something to cool it down to level temperature. You can spot this when you feel the middle part of your engine is starting to get hot since the transmission is just under the shifter. So for an impeccable transmission repair, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Let Our Mechanic Service Your Car

We have been offering our services for more than four decades. Ever since we’ve started this business, we have been able to develop different methods and techniques that can further make us efficient when making repairs. When fixing the transmission, we only use cutting-edge tools and equipment so nothing can go wrong when we are doing the process.

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All Foreign Auto Center takes pride in giving customers high-quality car repair services. If ever you are in San Jose, CA, don’t think twice in contacting us to have your transmission repaired! You can book an appointment with us by calling us at (408) 286-5404 today.

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