Let’s Identify When Your Car Needs a Repair

3 Glaring Signs That You Need a Car Repair

The challenge of having a car is to identify when it needs repair. Although some visible damage can give you a quick idea to call pros, some signs will give you a hard time. However, paying attention to how your car is performing can help stop major troubles. To help you with that, here are three glaring signs that you need a car repair:

Strange Noise

If you hear a weird noise while you are driving, it is a sign that you should check your car as soon as possible. Usually, if it is repetitive sound, it will likely need repair. It sometimes includes grinding noise while braking, knocking noise under the hood, and many more. So, if you think that the noise coming out from some parts of your car is not normal, then call a mechanic immediately.

Odd Smell

Another strong indicator that your car is in trouble is the strange odors inside or outside your car. Some of the smells that you might encounter are a maple-like smell or a gym bag smell. It is a sign that your heater vent or AC has mold. To identify the reason for it, call your reliable auto repair shop.

Leaking Fluid

Your car won’t run without any fluids inside of it. It means that it won’t function well without such. If you spot any leaking under your car, make sure to check where it came from, or call pros to do it for you. Professional mechanics can repair it for you and give some idea of why it’s happening. Also, they can provide you tips to avoid such problems.

If you encounter these signs, or you have a feeling that your car is not operating properly, it is important to call All Foreign Auto Center to check in on your vehicle for you as soon as possible. If you reside in San Jose, CA, feel free to visit us, or give us a call at (408) 286-5404 for a quality car repair service!