Learn More About Our Auto Repair Services in San Jose, CA

Since we opened doors in 1975, we have managed to assist numerous automobile owners in San Jose, CA with their car troubles. The quality of our work precedes us while our competence is proverbial. This is why more and more people are entrusting us with the repairs and maintenance of their luxurious vehicles. At All Foreign Auto Center, we focus on the needs of our clients and do our best to accommodate them in full.

We offer the following services:

  • BMW Repair — We can work on BMWs of any make and model. At All Foreign Auto Center, we can fix your car’s engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, and other primary and secondary systems. We are armed with high-end instruments that enable us to quickly and correctly evaluate the exact condition of a vehicle. Furthermore, because of our excellent tools, we can flawlessly remedy even the most complex issues and restore the full functionality of your automobile.
  • Mercedes Repair — BMWs aren’t the only German luxurious automobiles that we can work on. We can take proper care of your Mercedes and make sure that it is always pristine and in optimal working order. Apart from replacing the engine consumables, we can also diagnose the condition of your vehicle’s primary and secondary systems to see if any of their parts are on the verge of breaking or malfunctioning. This will enable us to avert future complications that may render your automobile unreliable. Our prices are affordable, and they won’t drain your savings.
  • Collision Repair — Use our collision repair services in San Jose, CA to restore your car after you have damaged it in an accident. We can fix various issues such as replace severely warped and twisted panels, substitute broken lights, door handles, engine parts, glasses, etc.  Come to us and watch us renovate your automobile so that you can once more enjoy it!
  • Engine Diagnostics & Repairs – Our mechanics can handle all kinds of engine repair and diagnostic jobs and will offer you solutions that will meet your requirements. They can recommend proper parts and will do the repair work with care and attention to detail. When we are done, your engine will function optimally.
  • Electrical Work – You can also count on us to perform any electrical installation, repair, or maintenance work for your vehicle. Our technicians can restore any of the electrical systems in your vehicle and will do so in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Suspension Repair – Our mechanic can help you get rid of any problem you are having with the transmission of your car. We have vast experience tackling such issues and will ensure your satisfaction with the results of our efforts.
  • Brake Repair – We can fix any issue you might be having with the brakes of your vehicle. Our team will inspect your brakes and point out the cause of the malfunction. Then, they will recommend quality parts and the appropriate course of action. Once you give us the go-ahead, our experts will restore the functionality of your brakes.
  • Radiator & Thermostat Services – Having problems with the cooling system of your vehicle? Your problems are likely caused by the radiator or thermostat. Pay us a visit, and we will find the root of the issue and offer you a viable solution.
  • Pre-purchase Inspection – We have the hardware and software to perform a complete diagnostic for any vehicle, and that makes us the ideal choice for anyone who needs a pre-purchase car inspection service. We will check the vehicle you are considering and determine its condition. This will help you make an informed decision before you buy your new car.

Call (408) 286-5404 now and book one or several of our services without further ado.