When a Mercedes Engine Repair Is Needed

Signs Your Mercedes Needs Fixing

If you own a Mercedes, you know that the engine problem is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. That’s why it’s important to maintain your car. If you want to be sure that your engine is in good condition, you should know and understand its parts. So, if you notice some problems, don’t hesitate to contact a professional mechanic near you. Here are some of the signs that your engine needs a Mercedes engine repair:


If you notice that your car is smoking, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong with the engine. If the smoke is coming from the exhaust pipe, it means that you have a problem with the engine’s valve and valve cover. This is one of the common signs of a failed engine, so you must have it checked immediately.


If you hear a knocking noise when you accelerate or decelerate, you will have a problem with your engine. Your mechanic can check and diagnose the problem. If you notice a knocking sound when you use your car, your car’s engine is worn out.


If you stall out when you accelerate, you have a problem with your fuel system. You may have low or no gas in your tank, which means you have to have the fuel system inspected. If the mechanic finds a problem, you may need a fuel system repair or replacement.

Unusual noise

If you notice a strange noise from your engine, you should have it serviced. If the problem is with your engine’s timing belt, it will need a timing belt replacement. If the mechanic finds a problem, you can expect to pay more for the engine repair. You should check your engine every now and then because it can fail at any time.

If you notice these signs, make sure to call professionals right away. A mechanic from All Foreign Auto Center can help you with your engine problem. We are one of the top-notch Mercedes engine repair service providers in San Jose, CA. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us at (408) 286-5404 today!