Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive engine repair process is one wherein the entire unit is taken apart and cleaned thoroughly as well as inspected for damage and then put back together. Working with engines is, by no means, an easy undertaking. At All Foreign Auto Center, we deal with all kinds of automobiles and have extensive experience providing reliable BMW engine repair. Our offers are tailored to accommodate the needs of our clients and, on this page, we are addressing some common queries that we have gotten over the years. If new clients need some specific insights, we are open to providing those as well and urge them to contact us directly. Our offers and work ethic are unmatched across San Jose, CA.

How to make an engine last longer?

To make any engine last longer, it is imperative to have a detailed plan as to how you are supposed to care for your engine and reduce the stress on its components while letting it function at optimal capacity. The engines of different vehicles are entirely dependent on the make and model. Getting a Mercedes engine repair will be drastically different than getting a Suburban engine repair. The upkeep process, however, is quite similar. Ensure that the engine fluids are always topped off, never let your engine overheat, and always get timely servicing done for extended lifespans.

What are common issues with Mercedes engines?

There are a few common faults that are known to arise with Mercedes engines. They often result in needing a tailored Mercedes repair service. These are prominently engine mount failures, misfiring of the engine as well as oil and differential leaks. Other commonalities include transmission issues as well as faulty connector pipes across the entire engine bay.

Do you deal with BMW transmission repairs?

Yes. Many BMW owners have experienced comprehensive transmission issues, and there have been numerous complaints on forums over the years. Getting BMW repair service for its transmission is one thing, but to ensure that your transmission lasts longer, one must schedule routine maintenance and ensure that the transmission fluid is changed timely. Another factor that most neglect is using the right transmission fluid, as some might not work as well as others. To get some tips about what transmission fluid is ideal for your vehicle, contact us.

How to make brakes last longer?

The single most effective and truly reliable thing that owners can do to help their brakes last longer is to ensure that they are used conservatively and not put under severe stress. Hotter brakes get worn out faster. Aggressive braking can lead to brake failure and can even lead them to need some replacements. We can deal with all replacements and repairs and handle any foreign car repair with ease.

How experienced are you?

As trusted experts in our domain, we have been working on cars since 1978. Through this time, we have perfected our craft and ensured that irrespective of the nature of the issue at hand, we provide our clients with reliable and affordable results.

Any new clients that make the effort of reading through our FAQ page are bound to feel a lot more confident about hiring us. We are open to providing more details that might not have been mentioned on this page. Simply contact All Foreign Auto Center at (408) 286-5404. Our customer service experts are looking forward to hearing from you and showing why our offers are unmatched across San Jose, CA.